2020 June Primary Election Information

Utah will hold a Primary Election on Tuesday, June 30, 2020. Click on a question below for more information.

1. What changes have been made to the Primary Election to prevent the spread of the coronavirus?

To help prevent the spread of coronavirus, your options to vote in the Primary Election may be different than previous elections. If you are a registered voter of a county other than San Juan County, carefully read the following changes:

  • The Primary Election will be conducted primarily by mail.
  • Drop boxes will be available for depositing mail ballots until 8:00 pm on Election Day.
  • The deadline to postmark a mail ballot is Election Day, June 30th.
  • There will be no regular polling places on election day, but your county may offer limited drive-up voting on Election Day, June 30th. Your county clerk may cancel drive-up voting based on public health concerns without prior notice.
  • If drive-up voting is cancelled based on public health concerns, you will be required to vote by mail.
  • Unless your county offers drive-up voting on Election Day only, there will not be in person voting and no in person early voting.
  • There will be no in person voter registration.
  • There will be no voter registration on Election Day or at the polls (also known as registration by provisional ballot).
  • If you are a voter with a disability who is not able to vote using a mail ballot, you may obtain information on voting in an accessible manner by visiting your county clerk’s website, by contacting your county clerk, or by reviewing the information included in your mail ballot.

If you are registered to vote in San Juan County, your county will provide early voting and polling places on Election Day as it has done in the past. Visit the San Juan County Clerk’s website for more information.

2. Which political parties have primary election contests on the ballot?

There are various Democratic, Republican, and non-partisan primary election contests throughout the state. View the primary election contests in your area by entering your voter registration address here.

The Presidential Primary Election was held on March 3, 2020, so you will not vote for presidential candidates in this election.

3. Will I receive a ballot in the mail?

It depends. If you are an active registered voter you will receive a ballot in the mail if:

  • There is a primary election for a non-partisan contest, such as a local school board position, in your area;
  • You are affiliated with the Republican Party on your voter registration; or
  • You are affiliated with the Democratic Party on your voter registration and there is a Democratic Primary Election in your area.

If you are not affiliated with either the Democratic or Republican parties and would like to vote in either of these primary elections, contact your county clerk’s office to obtain a ballot. Please note that the Republican Party requires you to affiliate with the party to participate in its primary election.

Your county clerk will mail ballots between June 9, 2020 and June 23, 2020. If you are registered to vote in San Juan County, your ballot may be mailed sooner. If you do not receive a ballot shortly after this time, immediately contact your county clerk’s office.

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5. How can I change my party affiliation? Is there a deadline to change it before the election?

You can change your party affiliation by submitting a new voter registration form. The voter registration form must be received by your county clerk’s office by 5:00 pm on Friday, June 19, 2020.

If you are not affiliated with a political party (also known as an unaffiliated voter) and your county offers drive-up voting on Election Day, you may change your party affiliation at a drive-up location. (Please keep in mind that your county clerk may close a drive-up voting location without prior notice if it is necessary to protect the public health.)

6. Can I vote in both the Republican and Democratic Primary Elections?

No. You can only vote in one party’s primary election.

7. Is voting by mail secure?

Your county clerk uses various security and privacy measures to ensure that your mail ballot is secret and counted accurately. Watch this short video that explains the vote by mail process and these security measures:

8. Do I need a stamp for my mail ballot?

Some counties offer prepaid postage on your ballot envelope, and other counties do not. Refer to the instructions that are included in your ballot.

If your county does not offer prepaid postage and you cannot obtain a stamp, your county may offer drop box locations. To view drop box locations in your county, enter your address at this link. Another option is to place your ballot in the mail without postage, and the Postal Service will still deliver your ballot to your county clerk’s office.

9. Does my county offer drive-up voting on Election Day?

Although polling places are closed due to COVID-19, seven counties are offering drive-up voting on Election Day. For more information about these drive-up locations, please visit the county websites below:

If your county offers drive-up voting, you can also find drive-up locations by entering your address at this link.

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